Terms and conditions: 

  • Call 06 500 8000 to order diesel from Total & confirm that you will pay using your ahli Visa credit card.
  • The invoice will exclude delivery charges or any other applicable charges.
  • Pay using your ahli Visa credit card once the Diesel is delivered (Total will bring a POS machine as per the phone request).
  • The offer is valid from November 25/2022 until January 1/2023.
  • When paying with your ahli Visa credit card, Total will waive the delivery and applicable fees related to DAFA orders/services. This offer is exclusive to customers who pay using their eligible ahli Visa Credit Card.
  • Other Customers are charged standard delivery and applicable fees where applicable.
  • There is no limit on how many times an eligible ahli Visa credit cardholder can benefit from the offer during the Promotional Period.
  • The promotion is applicable to all Jordan-issued ahli Visa credit cards.