Conditions for the issuance of debit cards:

1.These terms and conditions an integral part of a Debit Card application that is signed by a Debit Card applicant Customer for the purpose of issuing /re-issuing/renewing/ replacement for lost or damage or any other reason, where these terms and conditions shall apply on debit cards to be issued in the future by the Bank from my accounts. also, on primary and supplementary issued debit card/cards. 

2.It is understood by the Customer that the Debit Card and the PIN issued by the Bank are the property of the Bank, and the Customer may not dispose of them in any way. The Customer acknowledges his/her/its full and absolute responsibility to protect, preserve and keep safe the Debit Card and his/her/its PIN, and he/she/it shall remain responsible to the Bank, jointly and severally for any breach or violation by him/her/it in this regard.

3.The Bank shall have the right, at any time and without giving any reason, to cancel and/or stop the use of the Card and its PIN given to the Customer without giving any prior notice or notification. The Customer shall hereby exempt the Bank from any actions or make any transaction for cancellation, as this is due to the discretion and choice of the Bank.

4.The Customer declares his/her/its full commitment to preserve the Card and the PIN, and that he/she/it shall not allow any person whatsoever to use any of them, and the Customer shall be responsible to the Bank and other persons for all damages and losses that may be incurred by any of them, and the Customer shall be obliged to indemnify the Bank immediately for such damages or losses, whether they were arising as a result of illegal use and/or misuse, whatever their amount is and regardless of whether or not they were intentional, and for the amount determined by the Bank and without any need from the part of the Bank to give notice or notification. The Bank shall have the right to debit Customer’s account therewith with all damages and losses incurred by the Bank or third parties as a result of such illegal use and/or misuse.

5.The Customer acknowledges that he/she/it shall be fully committed to protect and preserve the Card and the PIN against theft or loss and/or causing changes to the data contained therein, or destruction, or distorting its form, and that in all cases he/she/it shall be obliged to notify the Bank in writing of any of such matters clearly and expressly so that the Bank may be able to take proper actions. Moreover, the Customer declares that the Bank shall not be responsible for any matter or thing that may result from the Customer’s failure to notify the Bank of such matters and the loss of the Card which the Customer is obliged to send written notice immediately after he/she/it has found it. In all cases, the Bank shall have the right to issue a new Card to the Customer as well as a new PIN if the Bank has become certain of the correctness of the information contained in the Customer’s notification, and the Customer shall pay for a new fee determined by the Bank’s internal instructions and/or the Central Bank of Jordan instructions, in addition to any other expenses

6.The Customer shall maintain in his/her/its account with the Bank sufficient amounts to cover all withdrawals made by him/her/it by means of the Card delivered to him/her/it, and the Customer may not overdraw from his/her/its account except in the case of prior agreement with the Bank on account overdraft in the manner and amount agreed upon. The Bank reserves the right to transfer any amount from the Customer’s other accounts to his/her/it’s said account in order to cover any overdraft that may result from any dealings made by him/her/it with the account. The Bank shall also have the right to debit any of the Customer’s accounts with the Bank in addition to any withdrawals made or may be made by the Customer by means of the Card and the PIN and to settle the balances in favor of the Bank. In the event that the account is overdrawn for any reason whatsoever, the Customer acknowledges and agrees on the validity and correctness of the overdraft, and the Customer shall be obligated to repay and amount debited to the overdrawn account in addition to all fees, charges and commissions including overdraft fee as per the Bank’s internal instructions and the Central Bank of Jordan instructions issued in this regards. The Customer also acknowledges that entries and records of the Bank are conclusive and correct evidence of all amounts due to the Bank, and the Customer may not have any objection to them. The Customer further waives any legal right he/she/it must challenge such entries and accounts or object to them. In addition, the Customer waives any legal objection that allows him/her/it to demand to present the Bank’s books or records or examine its accounts or administration of the conclusive or decisive oath on the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and/or the General Manager and/or employees of the Bank.

7.The Customer shall have the right to apply for the cancellation of the subscription to the Debit Card service provided he/she/it has notified in writing the Bank of such desire or through the Bank’s approved methods and as seen fit by the Bank. In this case, the Customer shall be obliged to return the Card to the Bank immediately, provided that his/her/its responsibility towards the Bank remains in place until he/she/it has paid all his/her/its liabilities to the Bank.

8.The Bank shall have the absolute right to cancel the Customer’s subscription to the Debit Card service and request him/her/it to return the Card immediately, at the time when a seizure of the balances of his/her/its  accounts is imposed, or when a bankruptcy order is issued against him/her/it, or when he/she/it stops to pay(to his/her/its creditors), or upon liquidation of his/her/its  assets, or for any disposition affecting the payment of his/her/its liabilities and obligations to the Bank. In all cases, all obligations and liabilities owed to the Bank by the Customer as a result of the use of the Card shall immediately be payable without the Bank having to notify him/her/it of the actions taken by the Bank in this regard.

9.The Bank shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that may result directly or indirectly against the Customer due to the interruption or failure of the ATM, whether due to technical or non-technical reasons, and/or in case of failure to write down the amounts deposited in the machine and/or as a result of an unintentional error by the Bank, and the Customer shall hold the Bank harmless of any liability and/or damage and/or loss resulting from such cases or otherwise.

10.It is understood by the Customer that upon self-registration to subscribe to the electronic services, whether on the website of the Bank or the application of Ahli Mobile or Ahli Phone Banking the number of the Debit Card and the PIN of the Customer will be used, therefore the Customer acknowledges full responsibility for this action or any risk that may result therefrom, and he/she/it shall not have the right to object to them. These terms and conditions shall apply to subscription to the electronic applications. Once the subscription has been approved, the Customer acknowledges that he/she/it accepts that these terms and conditions apply to such applications in addition to the terms and conditions of the electronic services approved by the Bank.

11.The Customer acknowledges that he/she/it shall be absolutely and irrevocably responsible for any withdrawals or any transactions that have taken place as a result of his/her/its use of the Card in the event of opening a joint account and obtaining separate Cards allowing him/her/it to withdraw from such accounts on the grounds that each of the members to the joint account is authorized to sign alone to use the joint account and to dispose in whole or in part of the amounts deposited, and the Bank reserves the right to stop the account at any time without notice to the Customer.

12.The Bank reserves the right to make any amendments, additions or changes to products ,services and features submitted according to these terms and conditions, without the Customer having the right to object to them, and without the need from the part of the Bank to notify the Customer of such changes or modifications, or they shall be binding on the Customer as of the time of making them, and shall be deemed as an integral part of the other terms and conditions contained in these provisions. The same shall apply in the event of modification of any of the terms and conditions of the party which the Card holds its trademark such as MasterCard

13.The Customer acknowledges that all information given to the Bank is true and correct and shall commit him/her/itself to provide the Bank with any information that may arise as a result of any modification or change in the Customer’s financial position. The Customer also acknowledges that the Bank has the right to inquire about the Customer from any person or entity whatsoever, to ensure that the information given to the Bank by the Customer is true and correct without the Customer having any objection thereto.

14.The Customer understands that the Bank shall not be obliged to give any notice or notification regarding any matter that may arise from the execution of the provisions of this obligation, unless it wishes to give notice or deliver any messages to the Customer, and the Customer confirms that the address registered with the Bank is the authorized address for sending message/mail to him/her/it.

15.It is understood by the Customer that the laws, instructions, and  legislations in force in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and any amendments thereto shall be applicable to the relationship between him/her/it and the Bank, and the instructions issued by the Bank or banking practices shall be deemed an integral part of this obligation and an integral part of the applicable laws. The courts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan shall have jurisdiction over any matter, dispute or disagreement arising out of the application of these Terms and Conditions, or in any matter that may be related to them or to their interpretation.

16.It is understood by the Customer that the Debit Card is issued according to the Bank’s internal approved policy to the minor’s accounts under guardianship and to the benefit (of the minor), and the Card is issued in the name of the guardian or beneficent for the account to the benefit of (a minor).

17.The Bank shall be authorized to renew the Primary Card as well as the Additional Card after its expiry date upon and after Customer’s approvals through bank’s available manners and methods, unless otherwise it receives a written notice from the Customer prior to renewal.

18.The Customer agrees to the maximum daily withdrawal/purchase/deposit/ repayment/ transfer or others transaction granted by the Bank to the Customer and this limit is subject to change without prior notice, which shall apply to both the Primary Card and the supplementary one.

19.It is understood and agreed that in case the Customer makes any online transactions using his card that he is responsible for these transactions and the Bank shall not be held responsible for any misuse, with the Customers knowledge or without or because of his negligence or electronic piracy or any use that led to any debit on the Customer’s account.

20.It is understood to me that the Bank provides the service of passing cards on the ATMs or point of sale without the need to enter the PIN (contactless cards) and for certain amounts the Bank administration reserves the right to determine or amend them at any time, the Customer drops his right to object to these transfers and once Submitting the card to perform the operation, the Customer is considered to be relinquishing the setting of the PIN, and this is deemed his agreement to the operation