Credit Card Usage Instructions

You can activate your credit card through Jordan Ahli Bank App or by calling our contact center 24/7 at +962 6 5007777.

Start using your credit card now…

To purchase through POS, online shopping and ATM withdrawals inside Jordan and abroad.

Contactless Payments

Make contactless payments up to 100 JOD per transaction without the need to enter your pin number, with a maximum daily limit of 300 JOD.

Getting and using the card.

  • If this card issued for individuals “first-time” or replaced due to loss\damage, you can obtain the PIN code from Ahli mobile App.
  • If this card issued for corporate “first-time” or replaced due to loss\damage, your PIN will arrive soon.
  • If this card is a renewal, use your old PIN.
  • Take good care of your card, and never tell anyone your PIN or write it down.

Lost or stolen cards

You can deactivate your card directly through ahli Mobile, ahli Online ahli.com/digital or our contact center at +962 6 5007777.

General queries

  • Card payment is due on the 17th of each month with grace period which is from the installment due date till the 5th of the following month. Settle your card balance within the grace period to avoid late-payment fees.
  • Any additional information can be obtained upon calling our contact center at +962 6 5007777.

Terms and conditions

For our terms and conditions, take a look at ahli.io/vhbMN

Keeping your card safe

  • Keep your PIN secure and do not share it with anyone.
  • Avoid entering your card information on untrustworthy websites.
  • Notify the bank of any changes to your phone number.
  • In the event of suspicious activity, immediately stop your card through ahli mobile App and notify the bank by calling the contact center at +962 6 5007777.

PIN Code?

You can change your card’s PIN via our bank’s ATMs.

To request a new PIN:

  • Through ahli mobile or ahli online.
  • Call our contact center at +962 6 5007777.
  • Visit any of our branches.

Available programs:

  • Easy payment plan through a large network of merchants with 0% interest rate; View them now: ahli.com/EPP
  • Rewards Program – Enjoy instant discounts and rewards ahli.com/RewardsProgram

Card features:

To check your card features, visit the link ahli.com/Credit-Cards

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