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World MasterCard – Receive VIP services around the world

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World MasterCard – Receive VIP services around the world

Receive VIP services around the world and enjoy the luxury that compliments the World MasterCard.

World MasterCard Features:

  • Free issuing.
  • minimum credit limit 7,000 JOD.
  • Local and international validity.
  • Automatic deductions of yearly fees.
  • Life insurance.
  • No need for salary transfer.
  • 5 years of Validity time.
  • 50 Days Grace period.

World MasterCard Benefits

Receive a variety of VIP services at many international airports by simply showing your World MasterCard. These services include:

  • Airport Lounge Access

Enjoy free membership which grants you access to over 900 VIP airport lounges around the world, regardless of your booking details. Take in guests at nominal fees.

Please refer to “www.mastercard.com/world” and click on “Lounge Locator” under “Travel benefits” to find eligible lounges under the “Lounge key” program.

  • Global Concierge

Another luxury service from World MasterCard to make your travels more comfortable and exciting with these benefits:

  1. Vacation planning
  2. Information about your journey before you travel
  3. Hotel reservations
  4. Rental car services
  5. Reservations for entertainment and events
  6. Restaurant reservations
  7. Legal referrals
  8. Business services
  9. Purchase and delivery of flowers and gifts

To get the Global Concierge Service, please call +4417378159153 and learn more about the wide range of services on offer around the world.

For more information about the offers, please visit www.pricelessarabia.com

  • Travel and Shopping Protection

You will surely need these exclusive services to have a stress-free experience as you travel to any place in the world:

  1. Purchase protection: Insurance covering loss of purchases due to theft or damage for a limited time after purchasing on the card up to 3000 USD for every claim and up to 20,000 USD yearly aggregate.
  2. Extended Warranty: Extra warranty time on card purchases up to 500 USD for every claim and up to 2,000 USD yearly aggregate
  3. Travel Accident & Insured Journey: Travel Accidents Common Carrier for international trips will be covered up to 500,000 USD and for Local Trips up to 100,000 USD. While travel Accidents Insured Journey will cover up to 500,000 USD for international trips and up to 75,000 USD for domestic trips
  4. Luggage and Travel Inconvenience Protection: receive compensation in case your luggage is lost Up to 3,000 USD subject to a single item max limit of 625 USD or delayed in excess of 4 hours, 300 USD, or in case your flight  is delayed in excess of 4 hours, 300 USD or canceled Up to 7,500 USD or changed to an inconvenient one, or 300 USD for missed connection.
  5. Travel Medical Benefits: travel abroad at ease with World Mastercard and do not worry in case of an emergency. While emergency medical costs or medical emergency evacuation, as well as recovery, will be covered up to 500,00 USD and Daily In- House Cash Benefits up to 100 USD per day.
  • Protection Against Fraud and Robbery

  1. Fraud Protection: rest assured with protection against any unapproved transactions on your card.
  2. ATM Robbery Insurance: this service is offered in case you are robbed after withdrawing from an ATM machine.
  3. 24/7 Emergency Services for cardholders: get these emergency services through the MasterCard call centers around the world ( Emergency card replacement, Card theft/loss report and Advance cash withdrawal in case of emergency)

To use the Smartphone Mobile App, cardholders will need to download the “MasterCard For You” app. MasterCard Mobile app can be downloaded from the Google App store and I-Clouds.

Cardholders need to select Country and Card Product to view all MasterCard product benefits. Also, cardholders can view all eligible lounges under the “Lounge key” program by clicking on the “Travel” icon on the home screen and then click on Lounge benefit.

Finally, For Emergency services please call +1 636 722 7111

Other features and benefits are subject to the providers’ terms and conditions.

For more information, please contact the call center at 06 – 5007777 or visit: world MasterCard.

* Subject to MasterCard International’s terms and conditions.

World MasterCard Conditions:

  • Age must be 21 years old or above.
  • Not listed on any official Blacklist

Required Documents:

  • A valid National Identification Card (Jordanians).
  • A valid passport and residency permit (non-Jordanians).
  • Proof of income.

* Issuing this card is subject to the bank’s terms and conditions.


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