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What Differentiates Us? We excel for you to prosper

You can listen to this article by using any hearing aid tool

What Differentiates Us? We excel for you to prosper

We excel for you to prosper; we provide you with superior banking services specifically designed to give you a new world of privileges that suits your lifestyle and ambitions with ahli bank Exclusive Center, We excel for you to prosper.


  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to cater to your financial needs
  • Exclusive lounges for your comfort: to make you feel at home, in addition to fast track service at any of our branches.
  • Branded Exclusive Debit Card as well as daily cash withdrawal up to JOD 3,000 and POS purchases of up to JOD 10,000.
  • Pre-approved credit cards that suit all of your financial needs and satisfy your lifestyle demands as well.
    • Ahli World Elite MasterCard in Jordanian Dinar (JOD) and United States Dollar (USD).
    • Ahli Visa Infinite in Jordanian Dinar (JOD).
  • Additional banking benefits just for you.
    1. 12 free local and/or international outward transfers per year.
    2. As well as exemption from inward transfer fees.
    3. Also, Exemption from foreign currency exchange fees.
    4. In addition to, free for life Visa Infinite & World Elite MasterCard memberships.
    5. Exemption from certified checks’ fees.
    6. Exemption from insurance fees on safety boxes.
  • Ahli Exclusive Non-Banking Benefits and Services
    1. Concierge Services, through World Elite MasterCard:
      Download Application: Mastercard for You
      or call us at +962 65007799
    2. Concierge Services, through Visa Infinite:
      or call us at +962 65007799
    3. Bancassurance benefits coverage which includes but not
      limited to:
    4. Financial, Retirement and Educational Planning.
    5. Life Insurance.
    6. Investment Solutions with Multiple Risk Profiles.
    7. Health Benefits and Critical Illness Coverage.
  • ahli Exclusive Rewards Program: Our ahli Exclusive Rewards Program will allow our clients to a
    variety of rewards in addition to valuable prizes when using our credit


It is our great honor to welcome you to ahli Bank Exclusive Center. You’re on your way to an exclusive scoop on our limited and special banking features; we have been committed to providing exceptional client services through building relationships and continually working on improving our products and the whole banking experience of our clients as well.

Since 1955, ahli Bank has mastered and refined the art of harnessing the best prospects for clients by crafting personalized banking services that enrich every aspect of their lives. Today, we continue to build this legacy & present to you the Exclusive program; we have put together an unmatched bundle of exclusive services for you to enjoy the best from what the world can offer you. The legacy of this prestigious bank will maintain its growth to learn, adapt and expand based on your needs.


The Exclusive Account offers a comprehensive range of accounts and deposits at prime rates including:

  • Current and Savings Accounts to cater to your daily banking needs.
  • Term Deposits at prime interest rates and various term periods.
  • ahli Special Deposits made in JOD with special interest rates, therefore, giving you a steady monthly income.


Get a wide selection of personal and family loan products with your Exclusive Account. Whether you wish to buy or construct a new house, renovate your current house, buy a car, or cover any other personal need; we have the suitable financial solutions to cater to all your wishes. With the Exclusive Account you can make use of these benefits:

  • Prime rates on accrued interest and commissions on loan.
  • Initial approval from the bank with 24 hours.
  • In addition to priority in processing services.
  • And withdraw the full transferred salary amount in advance.

How to become an exclusive member

  • Deposits: 70,000 JOD.
  • Facilities: 250,000 JOD.
  • Deposits and Facilities: 250,000 JOD.
  • Salary Transfer (Net Salary): 3,500 JOD per month.

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