Personal Loan against Real Estate

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Mortgage Loans– Build your own house

You can listen to this article by using any hearing aid tool

Mortgage Loans– Build your own house

Forget about rent when you can own the land and build your own house with ahli’s land purchase loan & personal loans against mortgage real estate .

Begin a journey of stability in your new home by purchasing your own residential plot.

Mortgage loans Features:

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Financing rate up to 70% For land purchase & 80% for personal loans against real estate for Jordanian residents only.
  • Life insurance coverage during loan life within accepted internal insurance agreement.
  • Buy out loan facility is available with the ability to increase the loan amount depending on the client’s income & DBR.
  • No guarantor is required.
  • A credit card exempts from issuance fees for the first year if that’s applicable.
  • Free ahli debit card and E-services.


  • Minimum client age of 21 years and maximum 75 years at the end of the loan period.
  • Minimum tenure 12 month and maximum 144 months for land purchase & 96 month for personal loans against real estate. 
  • Minimum loan amount 15000 jod and maximum 250,000 for land purchase & 200,000 for personal loans against real estate. 
  • Maximum accepted DBR 50% from net monthly income.
  • Customer’s name must not be listed on any official blacklist.

Mortgage Required Documents:

  • Valid identification card for Jordanians.
  • Valid passport & residency permit for non-Jordanians.
  • Salary slip for the last 6 months.
  • Statement of account for the last 6 months and for 12 months for self-employed.
  • Social security statement .
  • Proof of income.
  • Copy of land registration deed.
  • Area plot sketch.
  • Landscaping plan.
  • Property evaluation from the official evaluators to the bank.

* Terms & conditions apply

* The bank has the right to ask for additional documents when needed

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