Palestine - Other services

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Palestine – Other Services

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Palestine – Other Services

Private Banking Services

  • We offer high quality services to businessmen, public figures, and VIPs under complete privacy, efficiently and with precision.
  • Also, we take care of our clients’ finances and investments locally and globally.
  • In addition to this, we carefully assess our clients’ portfolios, offering advice on the most efficient investment methods best suited to their needs.
  • Our distinguished clients receive optimal pricing for costs of funding, according to their trading volume and the strength of their financial standing

Safe Deposit Boxes Service

Prevent your valuables from being exposed to risks such as theft, fire, tampering, and loss.

  • An ideal place to preserve personal valuables in secrecy and security.
  • Privacy and security as no other person can have access to your box.
  • Resistance to water, fire, and theft, making this a better choice than the home or office safe.

Metal Safe Deposit Boxes

These are individual boxes for safekeeping your valuables at a yearly fee, available to individuals and companies. The box cannot be opened unless the two keys are used:

The first key is given to the client.
The second key is kept at the bank under a dual control system in compliance with security protocol.

Benefits of the Safe Deposit Box

Rent the Safe Deposit Box at nominal fees.
An ideal solution for safekeeping of valuables and important documents and preventing them from theft or loss.
You will have the peace of mind that your valuables are kept by the bank in a safe place, and can be checked upon any time in complete privacy.
Available in different sizes (Large, medium, and small).


Safe Deposit Boxes are available at the following Jordan branches:

Downtown Branch
Zarqa Branch
New Zarqa Branch
Irbid Branch
Al Salt Branch
Sahab Branch
Jabal Amman Branch
Madaba Branch
Jabal Al Hussain Branch
Wasfi Al Tal Street Branch
Al Thaqafa Street Branch
The Main Branch
Private Banking unit
Middle East Circle Branch
Queen Rania Street Branch
Mecca Street Branch
Al Rusaifah Branch
Marj Al Hamam Branch
Abdoun Branch
Wakalat Street Branch (Swefieh)
Corporate Branch
Wadi Saqra Branch
Al Salt Gate Branch

These boxes are also available at the following branches (Palestine):

Hebron – Al Salam St


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