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we developed our programs, initiatives, and activities related to social responsibility. This aims to promote the ambitions and aspirations of Jordan Ahli Bank to achieve a positive impact on the local communities. The Bank was successful in achieving its objective, through its contributions and initiatives, whether on an individual basis or on a collective basis, and through many effective partnerships with various civil society institutions. The bank also provided financial and non- financial assistance to aid a number of non-profit organizations. The initiatives we have selected are in line with our strategic pillars of social responsibility and cover: Community Empowerment, Education and Youth, The Environment, Social Innovation and Creativity, Art and Culture.


Community Empowerment
In 2019, in our support to women, we completed our survey study project on gender related matters to which Jordan Ahli Bank was the first of Jordan’s banking sector to join. Executed by Freedom House, the “You Are My Role Model” campaign was launched, aimed at emphasizing the importance of women's participation in the workforce and the impact of its contribution to sustainable development and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Working women are role models for everyone around them, and we at Jordan Ahli Bank are proud to be one of the leading banks in the field of gender. The national average of woman working in the national banking sector is 15%, yet Jordan Ahli Bank is proud to foster a female friendly environment, were females consistently representing 40% of the workforce.
The Bank also provided a Diamond Sponsorship for the "Women in the Board of Directors: Why and How?" Conference organized by Women on Board Association with a distinguished local and regional presence.
For the third year in a row, we sponsored the “Pure Felt” project organized by Princess Taghrid Institution that aims to empower women. In 2019 the project helped 32 women develop new skills and contributed to their self-employment. In addition, we supported 10 women from various governorates to participate in the EWA Village Market, which helped them to improve and grow their businesses, thus improving their income and the opportunities of their families.
For several years, we have continued our strategic cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development to support the annual “Goodwill Campaign” and the Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility to increase awareness of topics affecting the community. “Social Justice” was chosen as the theme for 2019.

Education and Youth
Jordan Ahli Bank also sponsored the Princess Alia Foundation’s School Bags Campaign, which involved distributing school bags to students across various governorates of the Kingdom.
In addition, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein, Jordan Ahli Bank supported the second West Asian Paralympic Games, with the participation of 12 countries.
For the third year in a row, Jordan Ahli Bank supported medical students and graduates from several Jordanian universities by sponsoring the fourth annual Hakim Academy competition. The competition aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of health informatics and information technology, thus promoting a better-quality healthcare system in Jordan.

For the third year in a row, in partnership with Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, under the “Madrasati” initiative, Jordan Ahli Bank provided its support for the implementation of “My Space” program. This program is implemented across government schools with the aim of creating a model educational environment that contributes to instilling ideas of life values and strengthening perceptions of the self, developing mental skills, and enriching knowledge and learning experiences.

For the fourth year, the Bank continues to support children by supporting 1000 students to visit the Haya Cultural Center and participate in various cultural and artistic events and programs.

For the sixth consecutive year, Jordan Ahli Bank sponsored the annual Wings of Hope basketball championship for students. The event was organized by the Wings of Hope Association, with the participation of several basketball teams from less fortunate schools in Jordan and Lebanon.

We have supported the Children's Museum of Jordan since 2007. In 2019 we helped fund a modern interactive educational exhibit in the museum that aims to promote financial literacy and education for children through presenting the concept of money and the benefits of financial management. In 2019, 202,000 children visited the exhibit.

In our commitments towards financial literacy and education, we continued with “Hasalet Al Khair- Piggy Bank for Philanthropy” initiative. The initiative aims to develop principles of savings amongst children, further educating them about financial management and promoting a culture of giving.

The Environment
For the second year in a row, Jordan Ahli Bank continues to support the "Green Prints" initiative launched by Princess Alia Foundation to recycle paper. The Bank sells its used paper to a recycling scheme and donates the income to the foundation. The Foundation then uses these funds to provide free paper to schools in need.
We also supported the second phase of ‘Home Gardens’ project, organized by Naua for Sustainable Development, an initiative of Crown Prince Foundation. Since 2018, the total number of beneficiaries of this project were 20 families in total.

We have continued our collaboration with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature to support programs aimed at preserving the environment in local communities, including the planting of trees for families in need in their lands, so they can benefit from the trees as a source of food and income.

Social Innovation and Creativity
As part of our internal volunteering program "We Are All Family", we seek to motivate employees to participate in community activities and leave a tangible societal impact. 432 volunteers participated in 21 different activities throughout the year and a total of 1,368 volunteering hours was recorded.
In 2019, we continued supporting the campaigns and programs under the King Hussain Cancer Foundation (KHCF), including the Cancer Care Program (CCP). Our support for this program involves receiving subscription fees from participants across our branches in the Kingdom. Our employees also proudly participated in KHCF’s “Piggy Bank Campaign” during the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Since our cooperation with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization in 2016, Jordan Ahli Bank donated a clothes collection bus to collect and distribute clothing to all governorates across Jordan. In 2019, we were able to reach out to 124,440 individuals.

For the third year in a row, we renewed our partnership with Tkiyet um Ali by sponsoring food requirements for 100 families in need across different governorates of the Kingdom, year-round. In addition to this, we also support Tkiyet um Ali’s initiative to distribute food parcels during the holy month of Ramadan.

We ensure continuous cooperation with the Palestine International Foundation to provide monetary assistance to our people in Palestine to meet their different medical needs.
In our commitment to fostering a positive corporate culture amongst our employees, we encourage them to give back to the local community. As a result of this, many of our employees and customers participate every year on World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) 14th June, in our annual blood donation campaign in partnership with the National Blood Bank.

Art and Culture
Jordan Ahli Bank supported the activities of the Petra National Trust, including the inauguration of a cultural hub called ‘Bait Yaish’ in Jabal Al-Weibdeh. The hub has become a destination for hosting cultural and artistic events with the aim of celebrating and enhancing the cultural heritage in Jordan.


Strategic Partnership with Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training

ahli bank signed a partnership agreement with Princess Taghrid Institute for Development and Training in 2016. The activities of this partnership aim to establish productive and training projects in an effort to empower women socially and economically. Such activities were presented in an exhibition that showcased the production of the “Pure Felt” project, which was funded by ahli bank in addition to taking care of its operational expenses until the project becomes sustainable through the sale of the project’s products. The institute was able to provide 26 opportunities for women in the Southern Jordan Valley Region (Fifa Ghor). The institute held its first graduation ceremony for the healthcare program carried out by the institute targeting families who don’t receive healthcare such as orphans, in-house caregiving. Such services are supported by the strategic partnership in addition to supporting kitchen productions.


Supporting “Paint for Peace” project

For the purpose of reaching out more students in public schools across all governorates, in the year 2018 ahli bank supported the Mobile Museum project under the name of “Paint for Peace”, organized by the National Museum through Naua for Sustainable Development, an initiative of Crown Prince Foundation. The Project aims to focus on several social issues such as violence and its negative impact on students who can be easily influenced at this age, as well as providing a safe space for them to express themselves through art, which in its turn results a positive impact on students especially in fighting violence. 350 students benefited from this project.


Sponsoring the Royal Society of Fine Arts “Mobile Museum”

In the year 2015 the bank supported the Mobile Museum project, which is a pioneering project at the level of Jordan and the Arab world that includes artistic workshops, lectures by artists and specialized academics, in addition to exhibitions of artworks from the National Museum collection in order to display the museum’s artifacts, including paintings, books and publications. The launch of the project comes in an effort to enhance awareness of fine art culture, by reaching different areas around the Kingdom, targeting students and youth who didn’t get the chance to visit the museum in Amman, as well as contributing to make a positive changes through intellectual, cultural and artistic development, bridging the gap between art and people, also delivering art to a largest segment, in addition to promoting an interest in art among local youth, breaking the mold of the traditional classroom learning methodology by encouraging creativity and innovation in students.


Supporting the “Let’s Read” Initiative in cooperation with STEPS

In the year 2015, we provided our support to the “Let’s Read” Initiative in cooperation with STEPS, in the aim of encouraging the Kingdom’s younger generations to cultivate and embrace a passion for reading and sharing knowledge. The initiative was conducted through a series of activities and was supported by the voluntary participation of ahli bank employees. Activities were held at the Bala’ma Special Education Society, and Al Bireh Association in the Ira and Yarqa regions of Salt. A large collection of children’s books was provided to both societies.



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