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ahli online – Manage your accounts around the clock

You can listen to this article by using any hearing aid tool

ahli online – Manage your accounts around the clock

Following to our strategy we are seeking to improve our digital banking services that we’re providing to our customers, and to empower the customer experience, we would like to inform you that we launched new Ahli Online Services for more details please visit us through Omni Channels Experience (Ahlichannels.com.jo).

The services provided through Ahli Online:

1.  Ahli Online Service available in Arabic and English.

2. This service gives you the opportunity to open Digital Onboarding account without visiting the branch    .

3.  You will be able to log in with the same username and password, without using the Customer ID number as before. And you will be able to use the same provided benefits in each services.

4. Online Self-registration – The customer can register by using debit cards or the customers ID or their account number in addition to the national ID and date of birth, for the customers  who have not issued an ATM Card yet.

5. Opening Accounts – Ahli Online Service enables you to open a Current or a Savings Accounts in: Jordanian Dinar, US dollar, Euro, or British Pound. You can also directly transfer to it without having to visit the branch.

6. Opening Deposit Accounts – Ahli Online Service allows you to open a Deposit Account directly without having to visit the branch.

7. Transferring Money between your Accounts – Ahli Online Service enables you to transfer money between the different accounts in: Jordanian Dinar, US dollar, Euro and British Pound.

8. Transferring Money between customers – Ahli Online services enables you to transfer  between  customer’s  accounts by using their account numbers.

9. Ahli online enables you to make transfer between Ahli bank customers by using  their mobile numbers or email addresses registered in the Bank’s database – as long as the phone number or email address is not used by another customers – (Unique Mobile and Email Address per customer).

10. Paying Bills – you pay your bills through e-fawateercom services and Bulk Bill Payment Service as well.

11. Activating / Deactivating Cards – You can activate and deactivate temporarily the different bank cards (ATM Cards, Credit Cards) easily without contacting our Contact Center.

12. Card Payments  – You can settle your due payments for your Credit Cards.

13. Card Details – You have more additional details about your Credit Cards; such as, the card limits , the available and current balance, card transactions, due payments, due dates and your collected  points, etc.

14. Check-book Request – The customers can request a check-book on their Current Accounts in the four main currencies, and choose the branch they can receive it from (the customer branch or another branch). The customers can track the status of the check-book request directly without referring to the branch.

15. Stop Checks – The client can stop the checks or revoked it without visiting  the branch or contacting our Contact Center .

16. Updating personal details – The customers can update their mobile numbers, add another numbers, or add an email address at any time without having to visit the branch.

17. OTP Code – Customers will receive the OTP code once through their current mobile number or through their email address.

18. Notifications – The customers receives different notifications about their different accounts through SMS, email address (as per the customer preference).

19. Statement Issuance – The customers can issue different account statements (Current and Savings Accounts, Deposit Accounts, Credit Card or Loan Accounts) – (PDF and Excel).

20. The customers can access the full details of their loans, such as: the loan amount, the current balance, the remaining amount, and the loan statement.

New Services Mechanism:

1.  Customers registered with the current Ahli Mobile Service: they can use the same username and password to access the service.

2. Customers registered with the current Ahli Online Service only: they have access and can use the new Ahli mobile and online services using the same customer ID and password. The customer can create new username instead of Customer ID.

3. Customers who are not registered with Ahli Mobile and Ahli Online Services: They can use the option to enroll to register in the service using their “Debit Card and its PIN code”, and in case they do not have a debit card, they can enroll through “I do not have a card” option using their customer ID or account number in addition to the national ID and date of birth.

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