Ahli Izwiti Program

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Ahli Izwiti – Finance your operating expenses, salaries and more…

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Ahli Izwiti – Finance your operating expenses, salaries and more…

Our Valued Customer,

Within our Shared prosperity framework, we are glad to announce our new program (Ahli Izwiti), that is specified to finance the requirements of your company through financing of:

  • Working capital requirements.
  • Employees wages and salaries.
  • Operational expenses.
Why “Ahli Izwiti”

We believe that there are many challenges that could face the company, these challenges may impact cashflows and business operations. ahli Bank took a step to support you, this is by providing the needed finance, enabling the company to face current circumstances and to maintain operations and covering salaries of your human capacity.

About “Ahli Izwiti”
  •  Ahli Izwati is a reducing loan that targets the finance of Small and Medium enterprises clients.
  • Applicable for companies all over Jordan.
  • Supported by CBJ and JLGC.
  • Preferential and fixed interest rate (2%) annually.
  • Flexible payment period up to 30 months (including grace period up to 6 months).
  •  Guaranteed by JLGC with coverage ratio up to 85% of loan amount.
Targeted sectors and maximum loan amount

SectorMaximum Amount (JOD)
Crafts and Professionals20,000
Retail Trade50,000
Wholesale Trade250,000
Touristic services except hotels250,000
Hotels1 Million
Information Technology500,000
Manufacturing1 Million
Transportation1 Million
Health care services except hospitals250,000
Hospitals1 Million
Education and other services500,000

Main Terms
  • Applicant to be within the targeted sectors.
  • The client should provide the purposes of finance within the scope of the program.
  • The Company should be officially registered.
  • Applicant age should not exceed 70 years with the last payment of the loan.
  • The client should have clean credit history for the last 3 years.
  • Disbursement of the loan should be done by the bank as per its purpose of granting.
  • Signing the contracts and covenants letters required by the bank.
  • Other terms are applied upon the bank’s policy.
  • JLGC guarantee reaches up to 85% of the loan amount.
  • Personal guarantee of one of the main shareholders (for limited liability companies).
  • Guarantor that is accepted to the bank to be provided (for non- Jordanians applicants\ main shareholders).
  • The loan shall be subject to the bank’s approval, terms and conditions.
Main Documents
  • First, Valid registration certificate.
  • Also, acopy of the Identification card \ passport for owners\ shareholders\ guarantor \ CEO \ authorized signatories.
  •  in addition to a bank statement for the last year.
  • Latest Employees statement as registered with the social security corporation.
  • For loans that are less than JOD 100 K. : and for startups: the client is to  provide a feasibility study of the project.
  • For loans that are more than JOD 100 K. : to provide a financial statement for the last 2 years and a projected cash flow for the next 3 years.
  • However, the bank may request other documents according to the policies

*Terms and conditions apply

For further information please contact us:

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