Social Responsibility

Art and Culture

Ahli Bank has always supported Art and Culture because of its importance and impact on society, and so has taken it upon itself to actively...

Community Empowerment

The bank dedicates particular attention to the empowerment of women by supporting their involvement in social and economic development. The bank pays close attention to...

Education and Youth

Ahli Bank considers education as the starting point in the development of any society and the enabling of its youth to become leaders of change...

Entrepreneurship and innovation

ahli bank is committed to cultivating and developing seeds of leadership among Jordanian youth to enable them to become future leaders and serve their community,...

Social Responsibility Reports

Here you can find all the social responsibility reports.

Support and Sponsorship Request

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The Environment

The bank has always considered the environment to be an indispensable priority and an integral aspect of its strategies towards sustainable corporate responsibility. Because of...

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