Ahli Bank renewed its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Jordan

Jordan Ahli Bank recently offered it’s support to SOS Children’s Village Jordan aiming to provide a decent life for ten families by meeting a portion of their basic needs and covering their annual expenses, which include care, food security, housing, education, health and psychological care, empowerment, economic security, protection, and community inclusion, with the goal of consolidating the principle of equality among community members and enabling the association to continue providing comprehensive alternative family care services in an exemplary and pioneering manner, which is the first of its kind in Jordan according to international best practices..

On this regard, the Chief Executive Officer/ General Manager of the Bank, Mr. Mohammed Musa Daoud, stated: We believe in the importance of providing continuous support to initiatives that seek to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) in a systematic and clear manner, particularly for the association, since it works in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child issued by the United Nations, as well as its professionalism which we have experienced through our previous cooperation with them.

As the Country Director of the SOS Children’s Villages Jordan, Rana AlZoubi, stressed the importance of solidarity among all parties to work on achieving better care for children and ensuring their rights as individuals in the Jordanian society so that they enjoy a distinct set of rights instead of looking at them through care and kindness only, as every child has the right to health, education and protection. AlZoubi expressed her pride in the partnership with Ahli Bank, that extends for years, which confirms the bank’s belief in its role in community development and expanding children’s opportunities for a decent life to become active members of society in the future.