360 Health

In order to keep pace with Jordan Ahli Bank’s customer requirements, and to meet them successfully, a new program “ 360 Health” has been introduced. It aims to link customers and doctors in a simple and effective manner by which some operations that are not subject to insurance can be paid in installments. This program covers dental, ophthalmic, cosmetology, obesity, and IVF operations with a reducing interest rate of 8% and a maximum of 48 months.

Terms and conditions:

  • The installment period does not exceed 48 months.
  • The minimum transaction value eligible for installments is 1,000 JOD and the maximum is 15,000 JOD.
  • Installments include checkups and doctor reviews.
  • Surgeries that can be covered in this program:
  1. Orthodontics (Teeth):
    • Dental implants
    • Veneers
    • Immediate dental implants
    • LOMIR
    • Dental prostheses
    • Hollywood smile
  1. Ophthalmology (Eyes):
    • Laser vision correction
    • LASIK vision correction
    • VimoLASIK
    • Vision correction and implantation of rings
  1. Cosmetology (Beauty):
    • Abdominal tuck
    • Chest sagging and breast reduction
    • Tightening the sagging arms
    • Tightening the sagging back
  1. Bariatric processes:
    • Stomach Botox
    • Gastric balloon
    • Gastric bypass
    • Mini Path Conversion
    • Classic Route Conversion
  1. IVF:
    • Examination of the integrity of embryos, freezing, and return gender determination
    • IVF operations 

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